About Us

How the Solace
Edema Pillow
Was Born

Norm and Marcia, met in 2003 and have been together since then. Around that time, Norm developed some health issues that caused edema or swelling in his lower extremities. They consulted various doctors, who shared the common
recommendation—Norm must elevate his swelling feet.
The two followed the physicians’ order and tried to use pillows for starters, but it was not high or firm enough, and it always ended up on the floor. That’s when they started to use a rolled-up comforter in a sleeping bag with straps to hold it. It was more effective, but they had to find a way to make it stay on the bed throughout the night. That was when we thought of having something underneath him to hold the pillow.
We brainstormed on the design and tested it before settling on the final product. The pillow we came up with was effective, comfortable, and stayed on the bed all night. This was how the Solace Edema Pillow came to be.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop quality and durable products that will aide in the relief for those suffering with fluid retention.

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